How densification is driving revitalization

The center of Lachine has completely transformed itself! This neighborhood expresses a whole new urban dynamism where residential mixing is front and center. Some 2,000 residential units (houses, condos, retirement homes and social housing) have been built. The eastern sector of Lachine represents a turning point for the borough in terms of population growth. Between 3,500 to 5,000 dwellings are planned for construction, which represents approximately 20% of households in Lachine and could generate a potential of 200,000 sq. ft. of additional commercial surface area over the next few years. This neighborhood is strategically located near Notre-Dame street. The densification of these sectors attracts people which propels the revitalization of Notre-Dame street.


Located in Old Lachine, recognized as the birthplace of industrialization in Canada, Notre-Dame street is replete with historical riches. Its heritage gives wings to redeployment efforts in this commercial sector. The revitalization of downtown Lachine is already underway and several initiatives attest to the effervescence of the area :

  • Completion of eight artistic murals centered on local heritage as part of the Graffiti Program;
  • Layout of the park on 11th avenue;
  • Design of display windows in collaboration with UMA la Maison de l’image et de la photographie;
  • Completion of two display windows of historic importance;
  • Highlighting of 22 old tramway posts;
  • Installation of a public piano;
  • Recruitment of new businesses as part of the Notre-Dame Academy Contest;
  • Designing of parklets.


The Lachine borough invested $1.5M to support the revitalization of this sector. An additional $1.5M came from private investments thanks to the PRaM commerce which allowed the revitalization of 12 buildings.

In keeping with the exercise already underway, the Renouveau Notre-Dame Program, an initiative of the Lachine borough and PME MTL West-Island, offers complete financial and technical support to ensure that new commercial businesses succeed should they wish to join the revitalization movement on this historic street, between the 6th and 19th avenues.