RND Program


The Renouveau Notre-Dame Program aims to support and help in the establishment of new commercial businesses on Notre-Dame Street in Lachine. The Program offers complete financial and technical support with an objective to ensure the success of retail, accommodation* and food service businesses setting up on Notre-Dame Street, between 6th and 19th Avenue.

* Businesses whose activities fall under the codes 44, 45 or 72 of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017.

The Renouveau Notre-Dame Program is part of the effort to revitalize Notre-Dame Street through improvement of its commercial mix. Thus, even if a business project seems to answer all the criteria of the Program, it may be refused based on the following factors:

  • Projects in the same field of activity already approved by the Program;
  • Financial contribution by the promoter(s);
  • Impact of the project on the commercial mix and competition on Notre-Dame Street and within the whole borough of Lachine;
  • Assessment of future profitability by the selection committee.



A basic grant of $30,000. Eligibility is subject to the criteria of the Program and approval by the selection committee.


Each project could benefit from a one dollar ($1) contribution for each dollar obtained as part of a crowdfunding campaign and this, up to a maximum of $5,000.


In order to obtain financial support, candidates must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Submit a business plan , no later than 3 months after this letter of acceptance, to the satisfaction of the members of the selection committee, and which will include a financial forecast for at least the first complete two years of operation;
  • Plan a location in zone C-415 (see attached plan);
  • Hold a lease with a minimal 2-year term in the case of a tenant, or proof of ownership in the case of an owner (subletting a space located inside an existing place of business is not eligible) ; sign a lease within 6 months following the date of this letter of acceptance;
  • Demonstrate that the business project offers a perspective of profitability;
  • Be able to obtain a permit of occupancy from the borough of Lachine as well as any other permits that may be required for the project (signage, renovation, construction, etc.);
  • Set up in a premise recognized as a partner of the Program;
  • Demonstrate that the business brings added value to services offered on Notre-Dame Street and in the borough of Lachine ¬– takeover of activities (either similar or in a related field) of an existing business by a new entity is not eligible;
  • Help generate shopping traffic on Notre-Dame Street;
  • Agree to meet with the selection committee and participate in the activities of the Program, such as communication and promotion of the Program;
  • Demonstrate that financial support is essential to the execution of the project;
  • Create at least two (2) permanent jobs, including the promoter’s, within six (6) months following the implementation of the project;
  • Commit to working full-time in the business;
  • Hold the majority of ownership shares of the business (more than 50%) or jointly with other eligible entrepreneurs, if applicable;
  • Be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, and be a permanent resident of the Province of Quebec;
  • Maintain normal opening hours for the type of proposed business, and ensure opening schedules of at least seven (7) consecutive hours, five (5) out of seven (7) days, including one weekend day and a 9:00 p.m. closing time on Thursday and Friday;
  • Commit to reimburse the amount of the grant(s) prorated to the number of months left until the end of the term, should the business cease its activities or move them out of Notre-Dame Street before a period of 24 months since opening day;
  • Be an individual business, a corporation, a cooperative or a non-profit organization (NPO);
  • Adhere to the conditions stipulated in the business plan as well as all disbursement conditions which may be required by the committee;
  • Submit a good credit record;
  • Provide all documents mentioned above within the set time frame.


In order to be considered, candidates whose project meets all the above conditions must present it to the selection committee. Members of this committee include a representative from the Association centre-ville Lachine (ACVL), a representative from PME MTL West-Island, one active independent entrepreneur in the retail sector of Lachine and one other entrepreneur from Lachine. Selection of the projects is based on the entrepreneurial capacity of the candidate(s), on the relevance of the project and compliance with the eligibility conditions of the Program. The selection committee may decide to either:

  • Accept the project;
  • Conditionally accept the project;
  • Refuse the project.

Decisions are final and unappealable. The letter of acceptance may provide other conditions to abide by (deadline for submitting the business plan, investments required from the promoter, expiration date of eligibility period, etc.). Receiving a letter of acceptance does not necessarily imply that the project will be eligible for the grant. All other conditions must first be met: business plan validated by the committee and by the PME MTL West-Island experts, signing of a 2-year term lease, etc. Opening a business place on Notre-Dame Street BEFORE meeting with the selection committee will not affect the analysis of the project by the committee.